ATS - Active Traction Service

ATS - Active Traction Service

Civic Si 94 Race car     Class SCCA SPU [Super Production Under]

• B16B base 1.8 liter, prepped by J's Racing
     Civic Type R piston 0.25 over sized
     Integra Type R connecting rod modified
     Compression ratio 12.2:1
     Toda Type B camshaft, Toda valve spring & retainer
     Full balance, Toda cam gear
     218hp at the wheel
• Toda sports injection (ITB) w/ SEV
     Air box is custom made by Precision Racing in MA
ATS 4.928 Final Gear
ATS Limited Slip Differential (type D20)
ATS single carbon clutch (1,600kg pressure plate)
• J's Racing racing computer
     Specially tuned for this motor and Toda ITB
• J's Racing special aluminum racing radiator
• Accusump
• Cusco Racing drive shaft
• J's Racing differential cooler
• Oil cooler
• Toda oil pump
• J's racing fuel delivery system
     Fuel cell with Nissan skyline GTR fuel pump, fuel regulator

• J's Racing racing exhaust (1mm stainless)
• Spoon 4-2 header

Brakes, Wheels & Tires
• SS works brake kit
• Rams racing pad
• SSR Competition white 15x7 (F & R)
• Hoosier racing tire (DOT or Slick)

• Crux Racing shock J's racing special (30 stages)
• Craft spring (F18K, R16K)
• Camber adjustment kits
• SS works toe adjuster
• Vision full piro circuit link
• Camber adjuster
• J's racing front support (old type)

• Custom rollcage
• J's Racing front strut tower bar
• OMP racing seat
• Simpson 5 point harness
• OMP removable steering wheel
• SPA micro dish (Digital display)
• Aluminum dash

Body work
• Custom FRP front & rear fenders (for wider body) by Precision Motor Sports in MA
• J's Racing FRP rear gate
• J's Racing FRP hood
• J's Racing Aluminum GT wing
• J's Racing front spoiler
• Plexus glass (Front, Rear, & Side)
• Custom paint & decal by Precision graphics in MA

Weight     1,930 pound without driver


If you are interested in purchasing the custom made front and rea wide fender used for our Civic race car, please send an e-mail or call us. Front (Left, Right) - $225.00 each plus shipping. Rear (Left, Right) - $250.00 each plus shipping. Please note that those parts are desinged for race track only and it might requre some professional skills to install (especially rear panel).

Civic is crrently on sale $19,500

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