J's Racing S2000 Engine

S2000 AP2 N1 ECU
Parts# N-S2 Price $1,125.00     US & European version N/A
S2000 AP1 N1 ECU
Parts# N-S1 Price $1,125.00     US & European version $2,052.00

J’s Racing can reprogram your ECU in accordance with your tuning specification. Our ECU optimizes the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing for maximum power / torque. Core exchange only. You have to send your ECU to J's Racing.

Max Rev 8,600 rpm (AP2), 9,200 rpm (AP1)
Idle 900 rpm
Warm up idle 2,300 rpm
Fuel map Optimized
Ignition timing Optimized
Sensor value Optimized
Knock sensor Compatible
Immobilizer Compatible    (cancelled for US version)
Speedometer limit Disabled

S2000 special Oil Pan
Parts# OP-S1 Price $587.00

The oil pan is specially designed for S2000 by attaching baffle plates crisscross. In race track driving with the motor kept at high rev ranges, this oil pan protects the engine by preventing air from going into the oil pump due to the strong lateral & horizontal G forces in racing. A must have item for driving your DC5 at a race track. As an option, J’s Racing can install an oil temperature censor fitting at $60.00 plus parts cost


S2000 Oil Filter Stopper
Parts# OFS-S1 Price $125.00

The F20C & F22C engine produces more vibration than other stock engines and frequently the vibration produced causes to loosen the oil filter connection (especially when the oil filter is not installed with the correct tightening torque). In a worst case scenario, an oil leak can lead to a vehicle fire. J’s Racing’s oil filter stopper prevents loosening of the filter and gives the driver total peace of mind.


S2000 Oil Catch Tank
Parts# OCT-S1 Price $725.00

The oil catch tank is a perfect fit and is specially designed for the S2000. It has a capacity of 2,350cc and meets JAF regulation. The oil catch tank reduces the white smoke from the exhaust when the car is cornering out and also helps maintain the correct oil pressure. A must have item for high speed sport driving and racing. [This tank will replace the stock radiator reservoir. The oil catch tank has a separate chamber for the radiator reservoir]


F22C Complete Engine
Parts# COMP-S1-22 Price from $13,682.00 ~

The F22C Engine is assembled by J’s Racing experienced mechanics with special attention to every detail for the ultimate performance engine. With an extra 200cc, your S2000 will feel greater acceleration and torque. We have several stages of performance engines from 270 hp to 300 hp. Please call for further details.


S2000 Valve Cover F20C early model Parts# SHC-S1-A
S2000 Valve Cover F20C late model Parts# SHC-S1-B
S2000 Valve Cover F22C Parts# SHC-S2
Price $551.00

The S2000 Valve Cover is powder coated with metallic green which represents the J’s Racing brand. It provides an accent on your engine bay with an eye catching appearance.


Oil Filler Cap
Metallic silver OFW-MS
Silver OFW-SL
Price $79.00

J’s Racing oil filler cap is made of strong aluminum and is several times stronger than the stock plastic cap. The cap has several holes for wire locking to prevent slackness.


S2000 Alternator Belt (for non air –conditioned vehicles)
Parts# ALB-S1 Price $216.00

Designed for a S2000 without an air conditioner, our alternator belt provides more weight reduction and horsepower. It can also be used for a car with an air-conditioner. By eliminating the load for the air compressor, added becomes available to you.


Engine Magnetic Drain Bolt
Parts# MDB-EG Price $27.00

A 5,200 gauss magnet catches iron powder and sludge floating in the engine oil. By catching those particles before they cause damages to the engine, the magnetic drain bolt contributes to extending the engine overhaul cycle.