J's Racing Universal Stickers

J's Racing die cut lettering Logo small
Parts# JS-08-S    $17.00
J's Racing die cut lettering Logo medium
Parts# JS-08-M    $25.00

J's Racing official die cut logo. The width of the small size is 165mm and medium size logo is 360mm.
The 2008 one has "The X'tream Honda Ride" instead of" INTERNATIONAL RACING TEAM"
J's Racing URL sticker
Parts# JS-CS-URL    $50.00

J's Racing URL sticker with the width of 1050mm. Silver letters on the black background base. Great for rear bumpers, front banners, and side steps.
J's Racing Enjoy It sticker black
Parts# EI-01-BK    N/A
J's Racing Enjoy It sticker red
Parts# EI-01-RD   N/A
J's Racing Enjoy It sticker white
Parts# EI-01-WT   $17.00

Die cut lettering "Enjoy It    MOTOR SPORTS" in three colors with the size of 160mm x 125mm.
J's Racing WAZA sticker black
Parts# JS-WAZA-BK   $31.00
J's Racing WAZA sticker gold
Parts# JS-WAZA-GD   $31.00
J's Racing WAZA sticker silver
Parts# JS-WAZA-SL   $31.00
J's Racing WAZA sticker white
Parts# JS-WAZA-WH   $31.00

Die cut lettering of Japanese character "waza" which stands for prominent skills, craftsmanship. The sticker has 4 colors with the size of 180mm x 125mm.
J's Mode sticker black small
Parts# JSMD-BK-S    $16.00
J's Mode sticker white small
Parts# JSMD-WH-S    $16.00
J's Mode sticker silver small
Parts# JSMD-SL-S    $16.00
J's Mode sticker gold small
Parts# JSMD-GD-S    $16.00
J's Mode sticker black large
Parts# JSMD-BK-L    $37.00
J's Mode sticker white large
Parts# JSMD-WH-L    $37.00
J's Mode sticker silver large
Parts# JSMD-SL-L    $37.00
J's Mode sticker gold large
Parts# JSMD-GD-L   $37.00

Die cut lettering "J's Mode" in Japanese characters. "J's Mode" is a J's Racing apparel brand.The size of the small is 76mm x 100mm and the large size is 140mm x 360mm.